Thursday, February 11, 2010

Team Stories #6

The Cheeky Kite Runner

JLOne day I went to an art museum in San Francisco and was admiring a painting by John Sox Park- I noticed that he JFpainted a line of green along the outside corners of the picture which, to me, seemed abstract, and discouragingly so.  I decided to get my purple marker out to perfect this work of art.

CJThen I got mad and balled it up and lit it on fire.  After that, I threw it on the ground, then got a new kite and went to fly it.  But KJthe kite broke, so I threw it down.  I started running and running and got sick.  I had to get to Care Now and meet with Dr. Care.  What the blank- Doctor who?

LADr. Care was an awesome doctor, who only worked on patients who were hurt flying kites.  He asked me what I was doing flying kites into telephone lines.  He analyzed my MFbutt to see if there were any strange, unusual markings- he found none.  Next he looked up my case file to see what other doctors had said.  They all said the same thing:  Me 'This cat has no history of butt-brandiosis and will never need to be treated for cheek-chaffing.'  I was relieved and threw a grand old party- getting a nice smiley face tattooed on my rumpus.

The End
 PS- Wow, CJ!  It take mad skills to throw a museum painting to the ground after balling it up and setting it on fire! I think you may have a strain of anarchy deep within that gentle spirit of yours.  That only makes sense. . . . anarchist-cop. . . opposites attract!  :o) .

Note:  See this post for an explanation of how these random tales came about!

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