Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Team Stories #5

She Did it For the Pooky

JFOnce there was a little bug that went to the toy store and found an itty-bitty knife.  When the teeny tiny beetle CJcame over with his tomatoes they would slice them and make teeny tiny BLT's.  After that they went to see "A Bug's Life" (the movie).  They had friends that starred in it!

KJThe teeny tiny BLT's made me poop teeny tiny.  It only stank a little, then I got sick.  Darn. . . it made me pass my tumor-  It's a miracle LAto behold.  The tumor was no more.  There was only a hole where the tumor had been.  No more pain- only weight gain.  The woman MFdecided to go on the Atkin's Diet, so she went on the internet to see who Atkins was and what she could eat. . . . apparently she could have any red meat and hot tamales- that's it.

She did this for Methe sake of her dog, who really needed to be walked more often, and was tired of of being nearly smothered when she rolled over at night, "It's for you, Pooky, JLthat I went on this crash diet of oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips, coffee, ice cream, and hot tamales!  I love you, Pooky!  It's all for you that I treat my body this way- so that we can go on walks a lot to burn off the calories and make sure that I don't get all sugared up and stuff.  Oh, Honey! Honey!"

The End
 PS- have you noticed a theme here?  KJ seems to have a thing for tumors and poo.  JF officially wins the award for most random segment!

Note:  See this post for an explanation of how these random tales came about!

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