Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Team Stories #1

My wife and I got back from Virginia Beach last night, where we had a grand ol' time while snowed in with family.  Sunday night we adults played a really fun game- everyone received a sheet of paper and a pen or pencil, and then had 60 seconds to start writing a story.  When the minute was over, we passed them to the right and everyone had another minute to continue the tale.  Before passing to the third writer, the first portion of the mini-epics were folded downward so that the next person writing part of it could only read the last portion written before continuing.  When the papers made it all the way around the room, we all read the stories we started.  I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time.

I will still be writing a poem every day, but will take some time to explore topics that might or might not make it to this site.  In the meantime, I'll be posting the looney stories that we wrote in Virginia.  Each person will get credit for their portion of the stories by means of their initials preceding the section.  I hope you enjoy!

The Tale of the Tumor

KJOn 01/31/10 I was sitting in a circle writing a story.  The story goes like this:  Once there was this tumor.  LAIt was an incredibly handsome tumor.  It caused the host a lot of pain, but couldn't get the best of her because family was her game.

She had MFdecided to write a book of her experience called "The Ovarian Cyst Chronicles."  In it, she told the exciting story of how Meegg cells can beat the snot out of the Ovarian Sentinels who stand guard against the forces of Cancerous Maximus, the most wretched and evil ruler in all of Bodyworld! JLYou see, at Bodyworld there are all of these different made-up worlds with different characters in them, and each world has one different character that has a fatal JFflaw that makes them look like they stuck their finger in a light socket.

I feel as if electrifying the situation would cause snow to fall from the ceiling in different shades of blue. CJBut I decided to do it anyway and we all got burried in a blue blizzard.  We were never able to shovel our way toward the light.  At least our dog got out alive.  He went to live with my mom.

The End

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