Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Team Stories #7

The Prescription- A Shocking Tail of Woe

MeCarmen Ray Ellensworth Solomon Squirrel sported the bushiest tail in the world.  One day his doctor offered him a prescription JLfor antifrizzledizzle (sp?) because he thought it might make his bushy tail not so bushy anymore (C.R.E.S.S.  We're going to call him Cress now.)

JFSo anyway. . . .CRESS's bushy tail became a stubby tail and all of a sudden out popped a daffodil that smelled much better than the CJbushy tail.  Cress's stubby tail grew really long like a possum's tail and then he hung upside down in a tree and took a nap, while the rest of the flowers bloomed.

When he KJawoke he noticed a drunk man standing on the side of the road.  The drunk man caused a ruckus, so I threw him on the ground.  I felt good about it all.  LAThe drunkard was stunned by my tazer.  He couldn't focus as he rose up to tell me that he hadn't meant to cause a raukus.

MFSince he couldn't spell "ruckus" I stunned him again with my tazer, "Don't taze me bro!" he yelled over and over- which brings me to the moral of this story:  you can't drink and play Apples to Apples.  If you do, you'll end up TAZED.

Sadly, that was the last of our team stories, I hope you all got as big a kick out of them as the writers did!

Note:  See this post for an explanation of how these random tales came about!

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