Monday, February 8, 2010

Team Stories #3

 Pickled Okra Snowball Stew?

LAOn a cold, snowy day, in Virginia Beach of all places, a family gathered for some rest and relaxation.  The cousins played for hours on MFtop of their aunts, uncles, Nana, parents- whatever.  Then they got tired and decided to make up a game using popcorn balls and build-a-bears.

The first Mething they did was stuff the bears in their mouths.  They seemed to fit with little trouble,  but then the Kirky-doodle sneezed!  Allergies got the best JLof his pickled okra that he grew in his garden last autumn, and pickled sometime mid-winter before it all rotted out.  He loved pickled okra and ate it every day, at least twice, so his wife made him a blanket with a sewed-on giant.

JFHis wife was a talented seamstress.  She could make something from nothing in the kitchen as well.  Creative cooking was her specialty.  So that nothing went to waste, she would CJmix all the leftovers together and call it 'stew.'  We never liked it, but we knew we would get five licks if we didn't eat it.  When dinner was over we had to clear KJour bellies.  We all went #2.  It stank.  We ran outside in the snow and made snowballs.

The End
Note:  See this post for an explanation of how these random tales came about!

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