Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Team Stories #2

The Nunchuck Master

MFIt was the night before Jenena's birthday.  The whole family flew in from all over the world to celebrate this special event.  The first to arrive MeWas her father, Markus, but something was wrong- his face was purple, his eyes were orange, and he couldn't get his tongue to stay in his mouth.  Jenena looked up at him JLand said, "are you going to projectile vomit at my frog? Because I think that, if you do, your face might turn hot green instead and then you might turn into a tree!"

He replied, "Of course not, JFbut you will become like a hot green skittle neon that I used to dream about having in high school.  Wow!  What an out of site looking turtle you have become," the dog barked,  CJ"You remind me of the teenage mutant ninja turtles.  They were so cool.  You should learn to do karate like they did."

So I did and I learned to use the nunchucks.  KJI put my mask on and became a true warrior.  I struck the bad guys with brute force to the point they started crying.  I told them, LA"Don't worry!  I am the one who will take this to the point of resolution with one fell swoop."  I took them out.  They never bothered me again.

The End
Note:  See the post dated 02/02/2010 for an explanation of how these stories came to be!

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