Monday, January 31, 2011

Story #6: Tony Romo the Toe-Truck Driver

The backstory behind these twisted tales can be found here.
JFOnce there was an intelligent elephant who had a shot of honey-lickin' icey sticklin' wine and all of a sudden JLa tarantula ran over the large toenail of the intelligent elephant very quickly and hopped up on a log to speak with Frank CJthe Fireman- he was chopping wood with his axe so he could make a brace for the elephant's toenail.

First it was too small, so he made a new one. MFThe elephant still was not pleased, so he called a 'toe'-truck! He waited for an hour-and-a-half. Finally the driver showed up, and who was it? Tony Romo, who did this in the off-season. LA Tony was moonlighting as a toe-truck driver. He knew his football career was going so be short-lived because he dumped Jessica Simpson.

KJ“My name is Tony Romo, well, whatever! New story! There once was a man named John. He stood 6-foot 4-inches tall and weighted 260. MeHe changed his name to Tony Romo. . . .wait! . . .not Tony! He makes microwave pizzas, not plays on the field. . . . especially when Jessica Simpson is around.”

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