Monday, April 26, 2010


I have this little widget
I named the thing Garmett
She has a really pretty voice
And tells me how to get
From one place to another
She directs from town to town
The only problem seems to be
She makes my wifey frown.
"In 200 feet turn right"
"Recalculating. . .Recalculating"
Steam comes out my Jenny's ears
She seems to find it grating.
"Listen to the navigator!"
I beg her from the wheel,
"She calmly tells us where to go. . .
That house has curb appeal!"
"Please turn it off!" she says to me
"She so gets on my nerves!
"Besides, I know just where to go
"Slow down! Did you see the curve?"
Sometimes my soul is tortured
And sometimes it rejoices-
As when I drive I also bear
Two ladies' constant voices.

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