Sunday, January 16, 2011

Family Story #4: Sleepwalking for Peppermints

The backstory behind these twisted tales can be found here.

Story #4: Sleepwalking for Peppermints

CJI went to the park to day and I saw a giant snake. When I saw it I screamed because a man was beating it with a stick. MFHe was screaming, “Darn you, snake! Darn you, snake!”

I asked the man, “Why are you beating the snake and swearing at it?”
He said to me, “I LAdon't know, but if this darned snake bites me again, I'm gunna kill it!”

KJCrap. . . it's dead. So I kept walking and walking and walking, then it happened. I went to sleep. . . or maybe I was dying. I woke up and it was hot. MeEspecially my feet, they burned like a jalapeƱo pepper pizza on the third day (if you know what I mean.)

JFBut watch out for those anchovies. My hands were not singed a bit, thankfully. So I decided to do a walking handstand, just to make JLthe guests thoroughly entertained. Oh, indeed, they did enjoy it. And everyone left the gathering with joy and laughter and anchovy breath. . . . so I offered peppermints.

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