Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ooooo! Boo-Boo's Shoes

Another theme got away from me here. . . .

Boo-Boo's new shoes
Were two shades of a blue hue
Few cruise in blue shoes
As footloose as Boo-Boo.
But Boo-Boo went cuckoo
He chewed the blue through
He induced true shoe abuse.
Boo-Boo flew- quick, to the loo!
Pew! That's where he extruded blue.
His anger grew, he aimed to sue
Only a goose should poo-poo blue!
But rude judge Jude soon deduced:
"Shoe abuse?  A profuse ruse!
"I, for one, am unamused
"I refuse to be seduced-
"You won't be loosed
"who's got a noose?"
And that's how Boo-Boo's blue poo-poo
Due to new shoes he misused
Grew to unloose, when he sued,
The cruel noose that induced his doom.

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