Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Modern Corny-Copea

Is your life like a sandwich,
Full of bologna?
Are you caught in the middle?
Do you feel sort of phony?
Could it be like a smoothie,
All mixed up and cold?
Or are you more like A-1,
Saucy and bold?
Do you live like a caper,
Sour, but green?
Or warm and quite sweet,
Like a cup of hot tea?
Are you obnoxiously bubbly
Like a glass of champagne?
Or feel lost like a grape
That just slipped down the drain?
Are you more like a turnip,
Buried and bitter?
Or make others feel guilty
Like donuts and fritters?
No matter the food group
To which your life takes
We all know that it's not
Simply one piece of cake.

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