Friday, February 19, 2010

A Spicy Beat


The spice rack said
to the drum set
"You tip your hi-hat
"And your words, they
"sound so sweet to me
"yet, you seem
"so lonely, pet!
"You've got rhythm
"and I've got thyme-
"come marry me,
"it's not a crime.
"We'll have 2 kids,
"name them Basil and Curry-
"don't make me wait, love!
"Please, won't you hurry?"

The drum set replied
to the spice rack
"I'm afraid I'm not
"a mere tom cat!
"Your Questions-  how
"dare you pepper me so?
"I have a clear head
"And thus I know-
"you march to the beat
"of a different drummer
"so shelve your passion,
"it's a minor bummer.
"Find somewhere else
"to get your kicks,
"you won't play me
"with your cinnamon sticks!"

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