Friday, January 22, 2010

Twisted System

Note: I wrote this right after listening to a song by an independent rap group.  The beat stuck with me through the lines, so read it like the Beastie Boys would~!
We all play a part
in this twisted system
as another small beat
in our country's rhythm.
Do you labor to your wit's end
to make your own meet?
Why is staying out of debt
now becoming such a grand feat-
Tiny plastic cards will keep
you shackled to your chair,
but you still feel so entitled
screaming, "No! this isn't fair."
Tell me right now
what do you do best?
For most it's working blindly
just to line the eagle's nest.
He's just pimping out his feathers,
sticking out his war chest.
You've got to either stand up
or get burned up with the rest.

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