Monday, October 17, 2011


Its a knot in the gut
that won't go away
throbbing and growing
tighter each day
The flame in a spirit
burning so deep
that it's light can't be seen
and it's slave will not sleep
The bitterness poised
on the tip of a tongue
A shout that still waits
in the well of a lung
The pangs that assure us
we've not gone insane

The scars of the innocent
scorched by betrayal
smothered and fettered
by fear's heavy veil
The ache of injustice
shredding all trust
in a brother or system
now counted as dust
The bite of scorn sent
from the eye of a lover
The aching void left
by the death of a mother
The feeling in films
ushered in by the rain

Stinging assurance
by a slice through the skin-
to prove life is flowing
from somewhere within
The thundering silence
familiar to only
the secluded, forsaken,
abandoned, and lonely
The boiling of hunger
churning within
The shadow that follows
unreconciled sin
The weight of depression
like lead in the veins
Joy is seen clearest
through fractured glass

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