Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Moment of Silence

Emotions flicker 
crackling across
her steaming
sub-cranial cauliflower
to burst through
a luscious     churning
with cherry-red trim
My gray-matter 
to angel-hair
         in Alfredo sauce
½ cup, still plenty salty
testing my dam
of gritted teeth

When her valve 
clamps shut
eyes wide open 
perpetuate the echo
oh the joy!
(silence my mental emulsifier)
. . . . or the horror
for a she-mind 
never sleeps
wide awake

The most flammable
for the imagination
A silent    gorgeous
leaving me to burn
in uninhibited passion 
searing guilt
or a mysterious fear

Tex DeJ├ęsus ©2011

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