Wednesday, August 11, 2010


There's a verse in my head
like a little black monkey
with an ice pick,
desperately bouncing
off the pale white walls,
chipping at them nervously.
So I pick up the laptop.
Jenn wants to talk,
"I just got off the phone with Soandso."
I try to listen.
The monkey stabs me-
hard in the back of an eye.
I mumble feebly,
so as not to sound mean,
"I'm going to write a little. . .?"
Her bubbly voice gets louder
Her soft green eyes open wider
"Just one thing-
"its in my head!
"I need to get it out!"
I can so relate to that.
So I stare back,
Trying to damper the stink-eye reflex,
The dad-gum laptop's hot,
already making my thighs sweat.
She smiles brightly,
Relishing my reluctant captivation
like bittersweet chocolate.
My anticipation peaks.
Jenn's body slumps
into the leather couch cushions-
"Darn! I can't remember. . ."
My eyes dart fearfully back
to the pulsing cursor,
still standing at attention
in bright white space.
The monkey's dead.

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