Monday, January 18, 2010

Shakepearean for Geeks

Wow!  So my second attempt at posting via cell-phone resulted in 6 posts full of garbage.  I don't know if it was the weak reception up in the Ozarks, or the length of the post that caused it to blow up.  My apologies to anyone with a cluttered feed.  Here's Sunday's poem in readable form.

A Shakespearean is a sonnet with 14 lines and a rhyme scheme of
abab cdcd efef gg
usually written in iambic pentameter.
Mine ended up in some sort of truncated trochaic tetrameter with seven syllables per line, but it works.

This is for all you geeks out there. . . .

Logical Soup

In the mood to make some stew
I put water on to boil
Then I tossed a buillon cube
Right into the pot with oil.
Steam rose as it melted quick,
The cauldron filled with bubbles,
What I saw then made me sick-
For I was brewing trouble.
'Ifs' and 'ands' with 'else' and 'thens'
Mixed with equals, plusses, 'ors,'
Parenthesis, greater-thans
Flowed onto the hardwood floor.
Boolean cubes were what I'd used-
I'd made algorithm stew!

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