Monday, January 25, 2010

Health Care and Congress

It's a bit sickening when you think about it, how every politician likes to insinuate that they are the most qualified to clearly discern the distinct dialect of 'the American people.'  There isn't just one voice to be heard above the din emanating from the multifaceted steel heart of our diverse nation.

"Recent polls"- cited constantly- often only lists of manipulative questions with a tone arranged by special interest groups-  fishing for political point, not trolling for truth.  'Experts say-'  'Scientists say-'  What are their names?  Qualifications?  What company do they, and have they worked for?  Do they have an agenda? 

A bill won't pass if it's just a little bit painful-  that is, painful to a major corporation like Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, or GlaxoSmithCline.  They are not that much different from big tobacco when you think about it, aside from the extent to which they are allowed advertise, both capitalizing on dependence.  A permanent fix that will ease health care costs doesn't benefit their bottom line.  Congress wouldn't dare tax Viagra, Cialis, Latisse, or Botox.  A larger percentage of our nation's collections would then come from the wallets of our promiscuous legislators.

We can't offend insurance companies or doctor's unions with the plan either.  Why?  Because they join Big Pharma in faithfully lining the pockets of congress with ungodly amounts of money extracted from U.S. Citizens, made possible by the very Swiss-cheese policies derived by the bribed.  Call them 'campaign contributions,'  but it's only a guise for corruption.

Probably the best indicator of injustice floating facetiously over this fiasco is the fact that the elected officials who came up with the plan are unwilling to live under it.  I'll be happy to accept whatever they come up with- as soon as they do.

All of that to sum it up with a Haiku :0)
(remember, 5-7-5)

U.S. politics
Propaganda is power
Money for favor

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