Monday, January 4, 2010

ABC Poems

So today I found a list of over 50 different types of poems and thought I would start working through them and experimenting with the different formulas for verse.

First on the list are ABC Poems- they are 5-line poems with the first letters of the first four lines being in alphabetical order, the 5th line can start with anything.  Here's what I've come up with, show me what you can do with this formula in the comments!


Biggest word you'll see!
Can you spell it?
Dare to say it?
Twenty-eight letters, twelve syllables!


Almost too cold to breath outside
But there's ice on my windshield this morning
Cradunga!  Must I scrape it?
Don't whine, you nincompoop-
Just be grateful you have a car!


Apples, bananas,
Berries, and cherries
Chopped up and mixed-
Deliciously fixed
Fruit Salad.

So I wondered if you could start with another letter of the alphabet to mix things up and-

Fruit of the Tomb

None of the young enjoy
Old people's fruit
Prunes. . .
Quintessentially nasty
Official snack of the AARP.

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